Tube grinding machine, type KS 100-BA

Tube grinding machine, type KS 100-BA

Basic machine KS 100 including BA attachment for centreless circular grinding of slightly conical and round components, tubes and solid materials as well as for plunge grinding of diameters from 5 – 180 mm.

For dry grinding of different materials. By means of the quick-changing system, it is possible to change from a hard contact disk for high removal to a soft disk for fine grinding within a very short period. It allows for the use of grinding, non-woven, and polishing belts.

A special polishing disk mounting further allows for the use of non-woven brushes and sisal disks for prepolishing with paste as well as of fabric polishing disks for glazing.

With a few steps and within a short period, the BA circular grinding device can be separated from the machine and used as a regular belt grinding machine.

Grinding attachment for narrow radiuses, e.g. turbine blades, cast parts

with centreless grinding device for tube diameters of 6 - 180 mm and roll tracking

Technical data
3,2/4 kW
Belt dimensions
75 oder 100x4.000 mm
Speed of travel
2 - 5 m/min.

KS 100-BA special version

Overall equipment

Basic machine KS 100 including

  • pneumatically controlled pendelum unit: for constant contact pressure during the grinding process 
  • Hight adjustment by means of a spindle: for a quick and easy adjustment of the tube diameter 
  • pneumatical belt tensioning: for constant belt tension and a quick change of the grinding belt  
  • BA circular grinding device: for constant feed of the tubes to be ground 

3-roll roller table

Advantage: The roller table does not need to be adjusted therefore change-over times are short when changing diameters. 

Adjustmnt: The diameter is adjusted by the machine and the circular grinding device only.

Available lengths: 2, 4, 5 and 6m


material: circular-cylindrical

material: flat