The LOESER contact grinding machine system

The LOESER contact grinding machine system

Here is the technical formula for success

When using 3 to 4 m long grinding belts, the patented 3-roll system ensures a constant and optimal belt speed no matter which contact disk diameter is used.

This means:

Pulled by the motor disk, the belt which is constantly tensioned at the grinding position allows for a higher degree of chipping at the same motor performance. The motor performance required by the LÖSER 3-roll system is 30% less than that of the conventional 2-roll support. Drive disks of 100 to 280 mm diameters provide the correct belt speed of 11 to 42 mtr./sec. This speed is adjusted to the specific work piece and entirely independent of the contact disk diameter. 

When working with Scoth-Brite disks or belts or with felt polishing belts, the drive can be infinitely adjusted even for speeds as low as 3 mtr. /sec.

Due to the advantages offered by the 3-roll system, any required surface finishing is possible using contact disks from 50 to 400 mm, contact rolls or contact rollers from 15 to 50 mm, contact belts of 6 or 30 mm width, polishing brushes, polishing disks and polishing belts. A series of sophisticated grinding attachments for many applications offer solutions for grinding jobs that used to be almost unsolvable.

In addition:

With these grinding attachments, even trainees or assistants can perform the work of a qualified grinder.

In short:

LOESER abrasive belt grinding machines open up new fields of application for work pieces that in the past could not be processed with belt grinders at all.